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faq about career counselling from career domain

Find Your Answers Here

Why it is important to find a perfect career according to you?

Every student has different personality, qualities, interest and skills. Similarly, every profession needs some particular skills, abilities personality to do it effectively & efficiently. If you will know that, your behavior pattern matches to which profession then, you are going to be a successful, because you are choosing career which requires an exact person like you, and it will build your confidence level automatically. The other part is that, we only know about those careers which are familiar to us, friends and teachers but Career Domain team will help you to explore the vast careers option in this entire globe available to you.

How we Find out your most suited careers?

With India’s most advanced assessment tools developed by “Career Domain” We will explore,

What are you good at?

What you love?

Who are you, personally?

Which will eventually Find out,

1. WORLD WITHIN YOU (Psychometric Assessment)- This test is based on psychology which will help you to find out that Who you really are, Your Personality, Your Potential, Your Behaviour Pattern, Your Decision Making Pattern and so on.

2. YOUR CRITICAL ABILITIES (Critical thinking Test) – This test is based on IQ questions which will help you to find out What you are good at & Your Problem-solving Abilities.

3. YOUR NATURAL INTEREST (Field Interest Test) - This test is based on subjects like Fine Arts, Humanities, Health Science, General Awareness, Rules & Regulations, Mathematics, Public Services, Space Science, etc. Which will help you to find out that where your interest is inclined.

And by Putting these responses in ‘Most Advanced Assessment Tools’, we will get to know your most suited careers which demands an exact person like you.

How can I get to know my perfect Career?

You can easily find out your perfect career by Subscribing to one of the following "Career Success Plans",

  1. Explore

  2. Understand

  3. Learn

  4. Achieve


Explore (Explore Yourself)- Explore Package You will get 23 pages assessment report which will help you to find out Your Passive Behavior, Characteristics, Personality, In-build skills, Qualities, Decision making pattern, Intuition, working pattern, understanding pattern, Problem solving pattern, state of mind and most important professions which most suited to you.



In this plan you will get all the Benefits of ‘Explore Plan’ plus Our Career Mentors will guide & help you personally in understanding your Psychology, narrowing down to a Perfect career out of the most suited option in your “Career Report” & Creating a Roadmap to achieve it. Scholarship information, Entrance Exam Information.


In this plan you will get the Benefits of ‘Understand Plan’ plus College information,Scholarship information, Entrance Exam Information.


In this plan you will get the Benefits of ‘Learn Plan’ plus our Industry mentor  will guide you to understand the brief insights of there particular field.

Why we established career domain?​

It is very important to know about our skills quality and capabilities to become the successful person, And for this correct guidance is very important in correct age. According to a survey conducted by HRD Ministry Govt. of India the enrolment rate at higher educational level drops drastically and the main reason of that is, Not having information about the career options they can avail for!

Profession we choose makes big impact on our lives – affecting not just our higher education, training or employment, but also our social lives, finances and health outcomes.

How can I find my "Perfect Career" & Achieve it?
To find your 'Perfect Career' you need to  'SUBSCRIBE' to one of the 'SUBSCRIPTION PLANS' and go to 'FIND MY BEST CAREER'.

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