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Engineers in the aerospace industry design or build aircraft, missiles, systems for national defense, or spacecraft. Generally, they work for manufacturing, analysis and design, research and development, and government agencies.


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Who are Aerospace Engineers?

The field of aerospace engineering is primarily concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. There are two major branches of aeronautical engineering: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Avionics engineering is similar, but it deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering.

What are the basic qualifications needed for becoming an Aerospace Engineer?

For pursuing a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering Course, you must have passed or be appearing in class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB). An Engineering Diploma of three years in any stream must be passed or appearing for.

Which Stream will be best/suitable/relevant for an Aerospace Engineer?

Minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing Aerospace Engineering are passing higher secondary or Class 12 with a minimum of 60 per cent marks (55 per cent marks for SC/ST) in science stream (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) Aerospace Engineering is most of the degree courses are offered at postgraduate level.

Which Course will be best for Aerospace Engineers?

Students need to pass class 12 with PCM subjects and then do a course in B. Tech aerospace engineering to become aerospace engineer.

What are the top universities in India to become an Aerospace Engineer?

  • IIT Bombay - Indian Institute of Technology.

  • MIT Manipal - Manipal Institute of Technology.

  • SRM University Chennai - SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

  • IIST Thiruvananthapuram - Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology.

  • RVCE Bangalore - RV College of Engineering.

What are the top universities abroad to become an Aerospace Engineer?

  • California Institute of Technology, USA.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

  • University of Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany.

  • University of Sydney, Australia.

  • University of Cambridge, UK.

  • McGill University, Canada.

What are the entrance Exams to become an Aerospace Engineer?

  • JEE Main(All India Joint Entrance Examination)

  • JEE Advanced (All India Joint Entrance Examination)

  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering)

  • IISAT (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Admission Test)

Are there any scholarships available to become an Aerospace Engineer?

Freshman students can apply for scholarships in aeronautical engineering. Scholarships are awarded by the AIAA Foundation to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing science or engineering programs related to aerospace. Students must be AIAA members and full-time students to be eligible for these scholarships.

Which skills are Required to be an Aerospace Engineer?

  • Business skills

  • Critical-thinking skills

  • Math skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Writing skills

What are the best companies offering jobs as Aerospace Engineers?

  • Dean McClements

  • Company rankings

  • Airbus

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Aerospace

  • Boeing

  • General dynamics

What are the pros & cons / Advantage & disadvantage of working as an Aerospace Engineer?


Aerospace Engineers usually receive excellent benefits, including health and life insurance, vacation, sick leave, holidays, and retirement plans.


Aerospace engineers generally can't live wherever they want since the jobs are only available in a few areas. The job can also be very stressful at times, especially when you need to work late to get a project finished.


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